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"The bystanders and police who responded couldn't believe it."

"Good news and bad- I ditched the bike and slid after clipping a car at 40MPH and triggered the jacket- which worked perfectly and I got up and shifted the wreckage myself! Not a mark on my upper body (leg got a bang but nothing broken). No stiff neck, helmet was held perfectly even though I tumbled a bit. 10 out of 10- the bystanders and police who responded couldn't believe it. (We needed the police cos I ride a GS and it killed the car which blocked the road).
The vest has a little abrasion damage to the cartridge cover flap but otherwise looks fine. "

PH, Manchester

"The Jacket saved me."

"This (the vest) kept me from either not being here or being a tetraplegic."

Testimonial 07.08.2015

"I would never ride without my Helite turtle vest.."

Rider Testimony sent in March 16th, 2016

I want to thank you for such an awesome product, The Helite Turtle Airbag vest. I purchased the vest several months ago when it became available in Fredericksburg, Va. at Morton’s Bmw cycles.I had been searching for such a product.
On 3-11-16, I found out the hard way that it actually works! I was leaving bike week at Daytona beach Florida, headed back to Northern Va. I was in a hurry to get on the road, did all my checks, attached myself to the tether for my airbag vest and off I went. I went thru an area at the condo I was staying, that’s used to wash cars. There was a lot of soapy water. I thought I had cleared that area and twisted the throttle. Bad move! The next thing that happened was a 900 plus pound Goldwing fish tailing down the road, after several fish tails I got thrown off the bike!

These were the damages.

1. Cracked and scratched full face helmet.

2. Several scratches on accessories attached to bike.

3. Foot peg jammed in my left chin (bruised up pretty good)

4. Slammed hard on the pavement

I really didn’t noticed my vest had deployed, but it did. I got up at that point,and noticed the vest had worked as expected. I was so happy I had made the investment! I feel that the impact of slamming into the pavement would have broken several ribs, and who knows what else!
I would never ride without my Helite turtle vest..

Thank you for such awesome technology.

Chris C - Virginia

"You will definitely realize the value of the vest."

Rider Testimony sent in April 18th, 2016

As I was heading to the GP races, I turned into the gas station. The bike leaned more than usual and in a split second I went down. I was on my back held up by a cushion of air as I looked up to see my bike in front of me. I stood up and surveyed my situation. My head was being held steady, not bouncing on the pavement, as the air in the Helite vest was still pressurizing the front and rear tubes. Although I had slid from my side to my back, I felt no pain. Two people came over asking where I hurt myself. I was not hurting as we picked up the bike. I parked it and checked my gear. Not a mark on my $600 Shoei helmet, the leathers showed a small scuff mark on the arm and the vest had a 4» square where some abrasion appeared. So I saved over $1200.00 in damage to my helmet and leathers. No pain in the upper body and neck area are due to the air tubes protecting me.
After a quick stop I was off to the races, races that I travelled 1400 miles to see. The spill under normal conditions regarding gear would have meant a shut down. The vest proved a saviour, recost savings, pain blocker and once in a life time viewing motoGP / motoAmerica races at COTA, Austin.
Other benefits wearing the fluorescent vest have been:
A) drivers leave more room around me, (B) when I am behind a vehicle alone or with a group of motorcycles, drivers pull to the right so the bike(s) could go by (C) I am more relaxed riding as there is a safety factor wearing the air vest, similar to a car driver that has air bags.

If you see a demo coming to your town, put on your regular gear and try out the vest. You will definitely realize the value of the vest. Check out a video of the vest in a fall

Gary R.

"The Airnest saved me from significant road rash and likely saved me from additional significant injuries."

"On December 7, 2014, my Helite Airnest paid for itself many times over by protecting me when I went down on a freeway at close to 50 miles per hour. I was thrown from my bike, landed hard on my side, then on my back, and then slid before coming to a stop where I easily stood up (to the amazement of motorists who had stopped). As a testament to how well my Airnest Vest protected me, I immediately walked away, and the only first aid I needed was a Band-Aid on one knee. I better appreciated the force of the impact 24 hours later, when I developed 1 to 2 square feet of bruising that took 2 weeks to clear up. The majority of this bruising was in the areas not protected by the Airnest. I have since surveyed my extensive protective gear, and although every piece helped and shows evidence of some impact, the Airnest vest was instrumental in protecting the critical torso area. Most importantly, when I was checked out the next week, I had no neck or whiplash injuries. Surprisingly, the vest shows little abrasion damage despite cushioning me as I slid on my back down the freeway.

I have since spoken to a friend who has the unusual background of auto racing as well as rehabbing spinal cord injury patients. He is very impressed with the multiple ways the Airnest protects a rider, and it is very clear to him that at the very least, the Airnest saved me from significant road rash and likely saved me from additional significant injuries.

I have to say that the Airnest is the best investment I have ever made."

John Wagner, San Diego, CA

"I should have had several broken ribs and severe whiplash, I sustained a damaged shoulder and medium case of whiplash."

"Last Christmas my caring wife bought me an inflatable motorcycle jacket for added protection. The cool thing is the vest fits over a normal motorcycle jacket and is virtually unnoticeable except for the lanyard that attaches to the motorcycle. I am an ex motocross racer who was forced to retire after I ripped my knee apart. However I started riding motorcycles again 8 years ago and have loved my daily commute to work and weekend rides with friends. It didn't take long to put my newest accessory to the test. Whilst commuting to work one morning a car made an illegal u-turn right in front of me, before I knew what was happening I was lying on the floor after being body slammed into the car in question. I looked down and noticed that my inflatable jacket had deployed as designed and I had minimal injuries of which I should have had several broken ribs and severe whiplash, I sustained a damaged shoulder and medium case of whiplash. I know it is an expensive bit of kit but it was worth every penny and I can't recommend it highly enough, just a pity my bike wasn't wearing one as it was a write off! Regards".

JW, London

"Loud pipes don't save lives... Your product does."

Testimonial 07.08.2015

"I dread to think of what injuries I would have received had it not been for the inflatable vest."

I bought the vest as opposed to a jacket for the simple reason that I have a number of jackets for summer, winter and hot weather riding and the vest would be used all year round. 9:10am on February 29th 2012 was when it paid for itself. Whilst riding on my BMW adventure to a meeting in Halifax I had an accident, which saw me run at 20mph into the back of an almost stationary car that had to brake suddenly. The result was that I was thrown forward off the bike and rolled off the car boot landing on the road looking back at the damaged bike. The motorcycle vest had inflated protecting my front, back and neck and acted as a cushion when impacting on the car, in effect I 'bounced' off his boot. As for injuries, the only ones I received was a bruise on my thigh where my leg hit one of my mirrors, a couple of grazes on my shins and a dented pride at having had such a stupid accident. I am 6ft 3" tall and weigh in at 21 1/2 stone and so the inflatable motorcycle jacket did its job even on someone of my size. What can I say, to walk away from an accident with two grazes and one bruise is good even if the bike is written off. I dread to think of what injuries I would have received had it not been for the inflatable vest, certainly a lot more bruises and probably damaged collar bones at the very least.
All I need now is another bike and a new gas cylinder for the vest. If ever there was a prize for the best safety feature then this air vest should get it. "

AC Barnsley