Testimonials Equestrian

"... Saved me from serious injury"

This past weekend I was wearing my Helite Air Vest at a prelim competition. At the drop into water, my 14 year old OTTB First Commander misjudged the water, and we took a swim. It was nerve-wracking, as we were both underwater fighting to get up! My vest had inflated instantly, and even though it's only inches deep, the water is very disorienting. At one point I got underneath my horse - he jumped over me and ran back to the stables as I was trying to get up.
My Helite Vest bobbed me to the surface, and I honestly believe saved me from serious injury. I was not even sore! I went on to go clear in Cross Country on my training level horse an hour later. My husband was able to easily change out the canister so I was ready to go with my next horse. Thanks Helite! I would recommend your vest to anyone eventing, and I certainly won't ever ride without it!

Amy N. - May 2017, Illinois, USA