Joining the esteemed Helite Airbag family, the H-MOOV Airbag Backpack is the newest and most remarkable addition. Merging our reliable Turtle 2 technology with the added convenience of a backpack, it all comes together in one groundbreaking package.

As if that’s not impressive enough, this backpack also boasts a compartment for a drinking water bladder, complete with openings for the straw. It features main, secondary, and strap compartments to organize all your trip essentials, including a combined helmet bag and a waterproof cover for both the bag and your belongings.

Available in both mechanical and electronically triggered versions, this is a must-have for motorcyclists and some cyclists.*

*The motion sensor algorithm is tailored for on-road motorcyclists. Please note that false activation may occur on certain off-road tracks. The mechanical trigger system is not intended for use with bicycles.


Navigating urban life in New Zealand today and for the years to come presents a unique set of challenges, making safety a top priority for everyone on the move. Travel freely, but ensure it’s done with utmost safety.

Bid farewell to the dilemma of choosing between comfort, utility, and safety.

This adaptable model caters to various riding styles and accommodates a range of body types, delivering optimal protection for Kiwi riders.


At Helite, we prioritize the quality of our airbag protection. Offering a substantial protective volume (18L) to absorb impacts and comprehensively cover critical areas.

Covering vital areas: Back, neck, chest, abdomen, sacrum.

Enhanced back protection (SAS-TEC level 1 back) and efficient force distribution during impact.
Swift inflation: The airbag activates before impact, ensuring rapid protection.


Experience optimal air circulation with a ventilated space between the bag and the back (3D mesh), allowing humid air to escape freely.
Waterproof design: Suitable for use in New Zealand’s varied weather conditions, thanks to water-repellent fabric and waterproof closures. Reflective elements provide day and night protection.


Mechanical System: The airbag is tethered to the motorcycle, and in the event of a fall, the tether disconnects, triggering inflation.
Electronic System: Equipped with an electronic board incorporating sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS) for real-time monitoring. An advanced algorithm analyzes data to detect a fall and initiate airbag inflation.

The backpack airbag is reusable after inflation. Simply replace the cartridge yourself. All H-MOOV backpacks use the 60cc cartridge.

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